As we all know, everything has its two sides. Purchasing a second hand wedding dress comes with its pros and cons. If you are ready for buying a second hand wedding dress you love with a part of the original cost, we recommend considering the pros and cons first, which could help you get more useful strategies also save more money and time.
First Pro: It’s been worn on what’s mean to be the happiest day
Normally, wedding dresses are designed to be worn on your big day which of your life’s the happiest and most important moment. They are made to make brides look and feel a million bucks. It seems a shame to keep such a beautiful dress in a dark wardrobe. Thus, It makes sense to breathe life back into the gorgeous dress and give it another whirl down the aisle. Maybe yours dress can be another bride’s dreaming gown. Sounds cool!
Con: It’s been worn before
While the reality is that second hand wedding dresses have been worn before. If you can’t stand the fact that someone who had worn the dress has already share their first kiss, first dance, and even possibly had their bridesmaid holding up the dress while they use the bathroom, perhaps a second hand wedding dress is not fit for you very well.
Second Pro: Endless opportunities
The great thing of viewing second hand best wedding dress is that you might end up falling deeply in love with a style, colour, or fit you never even considered before.
As we all know, purchasing a wedding dress is often a difficult task of the wedding plan. Not only does it add lots of decisions you must make for your wedding, bridal boutiques show the choice for you between lace, tulle, satin, silk, corsets, strapless, sweet-heart necklines and so on. Even if you can decide that, then you have to choose the veil lengths and styles! While it’s great that bridal boutiques can offer various sundresses options, some brides prefer to just choose something and be done with it.
Thus, purchasing a pre-loved wedding dress gives brides the opportunity to view a dress, decide if it’s fit for them, and purchase it. Even if the cheap dress isn’t completely your dream gown, you can choose to alter it to become the one you really love. That’s rather a big advantage for buyer.
Con: Sizing
One of the major cons of purchasing a pre-loved wedding dress is the restrictions of sizing. Wedding dresses are often made to fit a particular bride, so finding one that fits you properly is a difficult thing directly. Even if you find your dream wedding dress under 100 at a low price, you can’t make sure it is your right size.
So we suggest the best way is to buy a pre-loved wedding dress bigger than your size and you can alter it to what you want. However, the cost of alteration for your whole dress may end up your spending of a new dress.
Third Pro: Doors open to designer brands
Another advantage for purchasing a pre-loved wedding dress 2019 is that it opens the doors to designer brands. While everyone eager to wear a gorgeous designer wedding dress, some may have no ways or think it unnecessary. Pre-loved listings not only allow brides to purchase their dream designer gown at a big discount of its original cost, but also recoup some money for original owner which can put it toward a holiday or on their mortgage. For both of them, it’s a win way.
Con: It might not be your dream wedding dress
While a wedding dress may be someone’s dream dress, it may not be yours. No matter how long you view pre-loved wedding dress listings, we are not sure you will get the one that you fall head over heels in love with. That’s all right as well.
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