Tip on wearing light color jeans

As we all know, dark denim is always wiser than pale washed clothes, just as your charcoal-gray suit is better for a funeral than anything in a Del Monte wardrobe. But while denim has become the DE facto blazer partner of the fashion and casual creative world, it’s time to go lighter.
Maybe it’s because all of the menswear’s rules have exploded, but pale jeans can now sub in for chinos, especially if they’re uniformly faded. These days, getting dressed is essentially an exercise that is breaking rules, so here are two: yes, you can wear denim in the same shade from head to toe; yes, washed jeans will do.
Light washed jeans can make people feel younger than dark jeans, despite their “dad” connotations. Embrace that ’80s high-school movie vibe by adding character – a band tee here, a pair of OG running shoes there. Air Force Ones are an almost 40-year-old silhouette but grab a modern collaboration, and your whole look comes back to the future.
Light wash jeans work like a magic wand that turns anything ‘smart’ into something weekend-ready. Beneath pale denim, a pair of chunky Derbies, or even Oxfords, feels far less formal. The contrast between worn jeans and shiny leather creates a transformational tension that is now the hallmark of all the best clothing.
The coat with chinos is the one you wear when you go to see your in-laws. Pair a jacket with a pair of light-colored jeans and you can spend a long night anywhere. 
Denim is almost always a neutral, but light washes jeans especially so. They work expertly with bright accents because the lighter tone means a less jarring contrast – if you stick safety orange next to deep indigo it pops hard enough to cause headaches.
It’s up to you to choose how bright the colors are, but the yellows and greens you wash off are natural colors, meaning you have a consistent hue on and under the belt, which brings the whole look together. If you really like neon, the more you wear it, the harder it is to take it off. Whatever that is a strong street style, but if you need to tone it down, add a neutral jacket. Sometimes less is more.