Are Promotional Products Still Effective in the Future?

ASI’s research team spoke to American consumers to find out what promotional products they currently have. They range from drinking bottles in the kitchen to desk accessories for the office.
What promotional products do people own? Writing tools such as pens and pencils are by far the most popular. People may leave these items in their drawers at home, write checks, make shopping lists, and play word games with their families. They also keep them in a jar for quick memos and passive, positive post-it notes while they work. It’s always useful to have a good writing tool handy!
Just behind in second place is another consumer favorite – drinkware. Their coffee cups, glasses, and water bottles keep them caffeinated and hydrated throughout the day!
Overall, these results demonstrate that consumers interact with promotional products and find them useful. Let’s take a look at digital advertising.
What are the impressions of the promotional products? Promotional products are used by consumers. They find value in these materials and interact with them whenever needed. This will impress your brand.
What are the impressions of the promotional products? Wearing a brand on your clothes is a surefire way to get noticed. Overall, a coat, hat, T-shirt, bag and polo shirt will give you 18,500 impressions! However, smaller projects still have an impact. Writing tools can create up to 1,100 impressions, while power bank can create 900 impressions for your business. These are ridiculously cheap and are great for trade shows and social events.
No matter what you use, a good promotional product will be seen by many people. In turn, they may ask you questions about your brand or come to you later. It’s free publicity over and over again. If you think promotional products are an outdated form of advertising, you’d better think again. As it turns out, Millennials are money-hungry! 
Millennials may have access to technology, but more than a quarter still use their promotional calendar every day. Because they spend so much time on their computers, they are also likely to think highly of a company that supplies branded accessories for their desks.
Each generation has more than 20 promotional items at home! These items make their daily life easier. All in all, something as simple as a pen can make a difference in your company. People keep promotional items because of their quality, usefulness and appeal. Depending on the product, some of these qualities prove to be more important than others.
For example, the hats and t-shirts need to be attractive or consumers won’t be interested. On the other hand, power supplies, USB drives, and writing tools should be of high quality.
If this research is any indication, there is a place for promotional items in the digital world. The general consensus is that promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising, beating out newspaper, radio, magazine, television, Internet and mobile advertising!
At the end of the day, you can’t make the mistake of advertising a promotional product. It may be 2019, but people still like to get free gifts, especially if it is useful and of high quality. That feeling will never go away, no matter how much advertising you put online!