I’m in recovery mode at the moment after a full-on first week back after the Christmas break but I just glad to introduce you to Aneberry, a new bridal label creating beautiful customized wedding dresses at an affordable price, under 100. To find out more, I spoke to Aneberry’s founder, Miao, so no more ado, let’s say hello…
“I am Miao, the founder of Aneberry. We are different in the wedding dress industry because we tailor every sundress based on our brides’ size to fit their unique body shape. We design our dresses in-house and work directly with our customers, offering high quality, well-fitted cheap wedding dresses at an affordable price.” 
“We attach great importance to the customer’s experience with us. We know that our brides don’t have too much time and dislike complicated procedures so we make things simple. Our collection is easily accessible on our online store. Except for the transparent prices. We offer free appointments as well. Thanks to our customized service, there’s no need to go through the alterations process either as your gown will fit perfectly.”
Miao starts to have the idea of founding Aneberry after her own wedding experience. Like most brides, Miao wanted a beautiful wedding dress at an affordable price.
“I had a budget of £1000 but I still don’t have much selection, so many summer dresses were out of my price range, besides that, I’m not a standard size, I also need to pay for alterations too. I did a lot of research and then started Aneberry with the purpose of helping brides find a gorgeous customized dress that doesn’t cost a fortune.”
“Since we’ve started, the business has been going so well. We’ve received plenty of positive feedback from our customers, they are pleased with our concept and the design and quality of our dresses as well as the transparency of prices and the ease of booking appointments. They also love the shopping experience at our boutique.”
And your journey with Aneberry will start at the boutique. When you visit the London showroom, you can try on all the dresses in the collection and once you’ve chosen the Rolex replicas you’d like, all your measurements will be recorded. This is rather magical because now your dress will be all yours, fitting you perfectly.
It is exciting and pleasing to see all their designs with price tags, all of which are under 200. There are still interior corsets, lining layers, supporting net, and high-quality fabrics and embellishments on each dress, all of which made Aneberry a revolution.
If you still think a customized wedding dress is beyond your budget, you probably would change your opinion now.