logo products

I’m browsing a chapter about branded promotional products, why is this guy becoming so personal? My reasoning is simple: branded items can be the difference between being forgotten or being remembered. So this avoided the question – what are you doing to be kept in mind?
The promotional products industry is $22 billion dollars deep and as wide as the blue Missouri skies. From tote bags to jackets, Apple Headphones to adult onesies, there’s no limit of items to help you be remembered. Many a study has been done as to why these types of promotional items are perfect for making sure you achieve your legacy goals. For example, 71.6% of tradeshow attendees who received a branded stuff remembered the name of the company that gave it to them. Think about that for a second; if you give out ten water bottles to ten people at a tradeshow, seven of those people will keep you in mind.
Still doubting the power that the hottest promotional items play in making a true legacy for you and your company?
Consumers keep trade show giveaways calendars for twelve months. That’s a yearlong marketing campaign you’ve set in motion…just by giving them a calendar with your name on it.
Millennials are more likely to have a logoed desk accessory than any other generation – That’s an easy way to make sure the most social generation in history is seeing you every day. I am a millennial, and I approve of this statistic.
Out of all the Americans that own branded drinkware, 50% use their drinkware 2 to 3 times a week – By doing so, you are literally in their face marketing to them, and they can’t be annoyed because you’re actually helping them enjoy that nice, cool, refreshing glass of lemonade they’ve been waiting for all day long.  
I could keep going, but you get the point logo products by now, right? Branded items are the key to being unforgotten. Social media is great, until you get replaced on the timeline by the next guy who posts a funny video of a corgi dancing to ‘Single Ladies’. Television ads aren’t bad either. Geico’s doing alright. But commercials are expensive and, if they’re not aimed well enough, can totally miss their mark.
Branded items give your brand impressions and a life beyond just a screen or a piece of paper. Branded items put you in the midst of those you’re trying to reach. Branded, corporate gifts create quality impressions at a cost-effective rate. All in all, branded items cause you to be remembered.